Welcome to Thermal Kleen

Thermal Kleen is a unique and revolutionary sterilization system that offers non-chemical treatments and removal of insects, bed bugs, mold and bacteria. The Thermal Kleen sterilization system utilizes our proprietary technology on available to Thermal Kleen and its authorized licensees. All of our Thermal Kleen technicians are expertly trained to heat your home, apartment, office, or building in a safe and effective manner.

Our discreet 24 hour service consists of a series of unique and successful steps designed to eliminate your bed bug, mold or bacteria predicament. Our company trucks do not display logos, and every technician is trained to use tact if interaction occurs with guests or neighbors. Unlike other companies who operate dangerous high voltage and open flamed equipment our service is inside and monitored by a technician and our wireless monitoring devices. Our patented monitoring technology, allows our clients to closely monitor the success of their job. Moreover, we never exceed the safety limits of any fire system and we never suggest or require turning off you fire system.

Thermal Kleen provides sterilization services for the eradication of bed bugs, mold and bacteria for north america.

We service all of the eight metropolitan areas which include: Los Angeles County, Orange County, Inland Empire both Riverside County and San Bernardino County, Bakersfield metropolitan area, Oxnard Thousand Oaks Ventura metropolitan area, Santa Barbara metro area, San Louis Obispo metropolitan area and the El Centro area.

Our 24 hour service number is 800-583-9117. Give us a call and we can help you with any of your sterilization needs.

Essential Library

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Benefits of Heat over Fumigation

  • There are no toxic chemicals
  • You won't have to move out overnight
  • There is no harm to people or pets